Today we will begin reading "The Scarlet Ibis", a short story rich in symbolism and allegory. Click on Comments above, enter your initials, and write a paragraph (aim for six sentences) about an object in your life that is of great importance to you, one that represents who you are. Since we have been working on verb tenses for the last week, your grade will be based on your ability to control tense and consistency. Proofread carefully before submitting.
1/24/2011 23:25:58

If my house was on fire I will get my family out the house and come back and get my money cloths shoes and my tvs and if the fire not that bad I will try to put some of it out with water and if it was bad I run back out and make sure my family is safe.

1/24/2011 23:27:43

I belive my guitar represents me.My dad gave it to me on my 12th birthday. It is very special to me because my dad has played guitar since he was a kid so it was a big deal to him. My guitar is very pretty it is a glossy green color with stars on it, i really like it alot. My guitar is always there and good to use in any kind of mood im in. I learned how to play guitar in school and in church.

1/24/2011 23:28:26

I have a locket that contains a picture of my grandmother and grandfather, who met and married during World War II. When my grandmother was killed in 1995, the family gave me the jewelry to remind me of her. I look at it often because it represents what is important to me: family heritage, a strong marriage, and passing down family stories to my own children. It also reminds me to let go of anger that I have against people; my grandmother and I argued just before she was killed, so I try very hard now not to let the sun go down on my anger. If I have something against someone, I handle it THAT DAY.

1/24/2011 23:28:38

I have a small, inexpensive ring that means a great deal to me. As a child and young adult I often frustrated my mother and older sister because every time they gave me jewelry I would lose it. At some point they stopped buying jewelry for me. The little ring is the first piece of jewelry that I bought for myself, and I have kept it for many years. When my first granddaughter, #1, turns sixteen, I will give it to her.

1/24/2011 23:30:26

My symbol is my fighting necklaces. Becasue i got them when I was watching my first pro fight. I was there live in the stands and that symbolizes my passion for fighting.This was my first major insperation.My fighting necklaces hang on both sides of my bed reminding me when i go to bed every night and wake up every morning. Thst is what i want to do for a career so the necklaces and alot more fighting items symbolizes my career.

1/24/2011 23:31:29

I have a ring that my grandmother gave me before she took her last breath , I visited her two weeks before she past away and we cleaned out her jewerly box. my grandmother knew something was wrong with her but she didn't want any close family members to know , my grandmother past away april 23rd , & this is the only thing I have to remind me of her , everytime I look at my ring it reminds me of her & all the good memories we shared together .

1/24/2011 23:32:53

I have a whole collection of bratz and if there was a fire i would probaly grab my bratz. Or if I couldnt grab that then I would grab my jewelry and finger nail polish and just anything I know I couldnt live without. All of the things that I would had grab in a house fire represents me because I can't live without my jewelry and my finger nail polish,like my jewerly is like my BEST FRIEND!. Like I just can't live without it. And for my bratz OMG! like I've had those things like forever. And like they don't even make bratz anymore,so do you not know how much money I could make off of selling them like alot. So those to things would be the first things I would grab in a house fire.(:

1/24/2011 23:35:18

I would grab my bible that I read, no matter what happens. That's the most good thing for me in life. When we die we will need it For my culture it is important.

1/24/2011 23:36:11

Well, I guess if I was in a fire I would get my labtop. I would get my labtop because its like part of my life. It kinds of like my everything. I use it for homework, and lots of other stuff. Its my everything I guess!

1/24/2011 23:36:44

If my house was burnning down; I would of took everything out because everything in my room means everything to me

1/24/2011 23:38:06

Something of mine that majorly symbolizes me is my computer. I am always wanting to learn more and better myself like my computer always wants the newest upgrade or software. It is important to me because of the information I have stored on it. Many of the things I do today I do on the computer whether it's surfing the internet, going on facebook, or just typing up a document. Because so much of my daily life is on the computer, I feel that it is also responsible for parts of my personality. If I ever had to choose between anything I own, I would always choose my computer.

1/24/2011 23:39:41

I think that my family represents me best. Because they bring out the best in me. They help me get through
everything.They buy me stuff . I love my family.Also my my sisters at school zeeba,cheibeli,coco,alicia,shamara,and jamekia.

1/24/2011 23:44:16

IF my house caught on fire i will grab my psp because its red game and its handheld and not a a lot of people have it.And i had it for a long time now and my brother is always on it surfing the internet about music and other stuff. And i like it beacuse u can play games, watch videos, surf the internet and thats whhy i will choose my psp.

1/25/2011 01:44:53

A very important Symbolic object that I have at my house will be my Guitar. My Guitar represents who I am because I love music and it's my Passion. The other reason why the Guitar represents me is because I love playing instruments, I play Guitar, Bass, Piano, and Drums. I can play Guitar for hours and hours and not get tired. I always make new songs and stuff of that matter because I love learning new things on the Guitar. The Guitar represents the person I am because it shows the love I have for music.

1/25/2011 01:45:51

I have in my dining room an embroidered table cloth that I bought at an open-air market in Budapest, Hungary when I taught there in 1995. It represents me because it is all the things I love: detail, color, intricacy, and craftsmanship. The woman who did the sewing sold me the piece, so when I see it, I see her, an impoverished Hungarian who sold me her handiwork for very little money. My longing to return to Hungary comes back to me every time I look at those black, red, purple, green, and yellow threads.

1/25/2011 01:46:32

The thing tht repercent me is my hello kitty doll. You might asked why is this doll so important to me? Well it's important to me because I love it and I had it for a very long time in my life. Also My sister got me that doll for me and I rememeber back to the goods time we used to have together. Also it reminds me how much we love each other and that she will be there for me no matter what.

1/25/2011 01:46:56

My favorite pink bean pillow that I sleep with every night is the thing that represents me, because it's soft and girly just like me. Without it I can't sleep. It's a part of me that I would never want to lose it.

1/25/2011 01:48:15

The most important object in my life is my PS3 it is important to me because I send most of my time on it and I use it in order to dodge school work or just waste time. It represents me becuase I have a tendency to be lazy or just relaxed so when I play it I can usually be myself. Some days I just like to relax and play it whenever I am out of school or just tired of doing school work and chores, I find that I can actually think and focus better while relaxing, then when I do at school.

1/25/2011 01:49:25

I have in my bedroom a pink monkey that I use as a pillow. My Godmother gave me that for my 13th birthday. It is so special to me. It represents me because it is so unqine,sweet,caring,and it mean everything to me.

1/25/2011 01:50:03

My Radio (music) represents me because, one of my life long dreams is to become a Dance/Instuctor Choreographer. I love to dance. I can play any music and I will automatically start dancing. That's why my radio is one of the things that symoblizes me, for my personality. I play and listen to certain songs that describes my mood thats why my mom can tell if there's something wrong with me at that point of time.

1/25/2011 01:50:29

If there was a fire or something like that in my home the only thing I would want out of there would be a box that is under my bed. In the box there are really good memories about the places I have been the things that I have found and memories of my family. Some are good memory’s some are sad memories. There are things in the boxes from when I was a little girl. It has been a long time since I open up the box.

1/25/2011 01:50:56

Something that represents me the most is my sterling silver ring with 8 diamonds. Because some of the characteristics it relates to me in a way. Like for instance its beauty,luminosity,and its independence. What I mean by independence is it doesn't need another ring on the hand because its unique all by itself.So that is what is valued with importance.

1/25/2011 01:51:48

My computer because its something that is so important to me. I need my computer for things it helps me with my homework sometimes. Without that object i wouldnt be able to do my class projects. A computer is important to me you can get on the internet with a computer. I can find out the weather on the computer if i dont have cable. My computer is very important to me.

1/25/2011 01:52:14

the thing that represents me is my necklace. It real gold it special to me because my mom gave it to me, my grama gave it to my mom and now my mom is giving it to me and i love it so much.I will always wear it. the heart repersents me has having a good heart being strong and being confedent about myself.

1/25/2011 01:52:49

I beleive my ps3 represents me. The reason why it represents me is i love to play video games and have fun. It has all the thing i love: Games, TV, internet, electronic stuff. I got it when i was only 13 years old on my 13th Chrismas, and i play it like everyday after my homework is done. After i get bored i just got lie down on my bed and read for a little while and then go out with my family and eat dinner.

1/25/2011 01:53:44

The item that represents me is my pure 24k diamond necklace because its like a symbol that states that i am bright and that i can do anything. the reason why i chose this is because my mom gave it to me for my birthday when i was 5 and i've had it ever sense.I like it beacause it was the one thing that kept me focus,positive,and ME. If we ever had a fire My necklace would be the first thing that i pick up first because its rare and not alot of people have it because i have got it from my great great great grandmother that died before i was born so thats why it is so special to me.

1/25/2011 01:54:48

I have a gold necklace that I always wear. Its very important to me and it reprsents who I am. For the fact that its a gold heart which I say means I have a heart of gold. If you really knew me you would know that. It represents how strong I am, how loving I am and how I love for real. Also I love to heal broken hearts even when my own is broken. If I was to ever lose my necklace I would be so sad. Also because my mother gave it to me so its special.

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