Six months ago, a police officer, while trying to break up a fight, broke a student's nose. The student pressed charges. Last week, the police officer was aquitted of assault charges in a Guilford County courtroom. In a paragraph of five to eight sentences, tell the story of what happened during the fight from the perspective of one of the people involved.
The Police Officer (You may use the pronouns I, me, my, mine, he, she, it, they, we, them, and their but not you and your)
The Student (You may use the pronouns I, me, my, mine, he, she, it, they, we, them, and their but not you and your)
A Teacher who saw the fight (You may only use the pronouns it, they, he, she, them, they, and their)
The Student's best friend who saw the fight (You may only use the pronouns it, they, he, she, them, they, and their)

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3/22/2011 00:20:02

Ok so today this girl was talking trash about me so we fought after school. I was beaten her bad. She was bleeding and bruised. Then this officer came out of no where and was being really rough. He managed to break my nose while trying to split us up. The girl didnt leave a scratch on me but the officer did. I was minding my own buissness and he had no right to man handle me!

3/22/2011 00:28:10

today i was fighting a person and the polcie officer came.Then he broke my nose then i had sued him.Then they were talking to me but i did not wanted to lessen to him.I was fighting with her because i didnt like her.Then people were talking about it in school.

3/22/2011 00:30:39

Coco walked over to Zeeba and started punching her in the face.Zeeba got up and tackled Coco to the ground.Zeeba just kept on punching Coco back.Officer Crompton ran to the girls and punched Coco in the face and broke her nose. Mrs chanceia just watch the fight the whole time and didnt try to break it up .

3/22/2011 00:30:41

Nick saw someone wanting to fight while walking back from lunch.And the boy came up to him yelling at him.But Nick tried to keep walking but the boy called him a chicken.And Nick was like what did you call me and the boy said chicken and Nick turn around punched him and The Police Officer came running to stop but he fail and punch him.And thats when he started bleeding and the boy toke a charge out on him

3/22/2011 00:31:04

They we arguing over a girl.One of them was enraged and started going off with fists. One of them was covered in blood as everyone was cheering them on. After a while the police officer stepped in and got punched in the face. Then punched him back and broke the nose of one of the fighters.

3/22/2011 00:32:00

the students ran over to see the fight. They had guns and nobody stopped it the students where cherring.one of these teachers pimped slap on the students that was in the fight and she broke of of the students nose.

3/22/2011 00:32:46

As the students ran over to see what happened to the boy , he lay there on the ground crying and jumping. They tryed to calm him down. but he was in no mood to be kept calm. The other students were jumping everywhere, students shouting fight , kick him, punch him back!. They were outraged by what the officer did to the boy. Students were filled with questions, they all ran up to the officer and asked why, how, when did he brake his nose. The boy friends were ready to fight the officer for braking his friend nose. The officer wasn't in the mood either he tryed to tell the students and the boy that it was a mistake and that he was very sorry. But the boy wasn't taking his word for it so he went on ahead and told his mom. And the next week after that he took the officer to court.

3/22/2011 00:33:18

As the bell rang there were screaming in the hall way. On the floor there was the student fighting with another student. They were both bleeding. The police officer was trying to stop the fight, but he accidently broke the student’s noise. He didn’t mean too.

3/22/2011 00:33:21

Monica was walking back from lunch minding her business when Trisha came out of nowhere and started yelling at her. Trisha was mad at Monica because she thought that she was the one that spread the rumor about her going out with Zeek, the most unpopular guy in school. Even though Monica denied spreading the rumor, Trisha knew it was her because someone told her that they heard Monica talking about it in the hallway after 2nd period. Monica tried to calm Trisha down but it was no use, when she wasn't looking, Trisha swung and hit Monica in the face, it was on. Monica dropped her book bag and started windmilling trying to hit Trtisha. Then an officer saw the fight and ran over to try and break it up. While trying to separate the girls, officer Jones accidently hit Monica in the face with his elbow causing it to bleed.

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3/22/2011 00:37:41

gGoing to get some breakfest ,i was stepping out of my police car. About five feet from the door, i heard alot of ruckus. i raced through the huge packeed crowd. As soon as i got through , there were two boys fighting. deciding to stop the fight, i jumped in while trying break them up. My elbow hit another students arm. Finally one student gave it , an i was able to break up the fight.

3/22/2011 00:42:53

The Fight

What i saw was a group forming and kids running torwards the cirlce yelling and screaming i was on the other side of central in my charger patrol the school, when i saw this group forming a big cirlce. I knew Immediately what was going to happen next i pulled a fast u-turn. I was going about 75 miles per hour and brake hard in front of the group and i sreech my tires and turn on my loud sirens. i was trying to get there in a hurry so nobody would be severe hurt.Okay i was finally arrived, thhe circle finally open. I jumped out and ran straight in i pulled one of the guys off of the other one. when i was trying to the control the kids who was on the ground the kid i pulled of jump on me and he was choking me and i was almost out of breath and no help me so i panic and elebow in the face and he fell of him and then i handcuff them both. The End

Ls ( : 2
3/22/2011 00:47:36

Going To Get some breakfest,i was stepping out of my police car. About five feet from the door, i heard alot of ruckus. I raced through the huge packed crowd. As soon as i got throough, there were two boys fighting. Deciding to stop the fight, i jumped in while trying to break them up. My elbow hit another student in the nose. finally one student gave in, an i was able to break up the fight. after getting the boys away from each other. Tim Realised his nose was broke. I told him it was an accident, but he said he was pressing charges.

3/22/2011 02:57:04

They both came up and started to agurge. Then she punch they other person and then she punch her back. Then the police came and he tryed to breck up the fight. He then acciedentally knee the student. She fell on the ground with blood coming down her nose. Then the police threw the girl in the car and deal with the other girl. He hand cuff both the girls and drove off to the ploice department.

3/22/2011 02:57:08

Last Tuesday afetrnoon, I was walking down the hall way. When I heard loud screaming. I then knew there ways a fight. I ran down to where the fight was, and I saw Max and Blake fighting. As I was trying to pull them off each other, Blake, who was to my left, went to punch Max, so I tried to catch his hand befor it hit Max. As I did my arm hit him in the nose. But it was not on purpose. When I saw that Blake had a bloody nose I bent down asked him if he was okay, went and got him a napkin and said my sorries.

3/22/2011 02:57:12

MY best friend and I got into a conflict with each other over a girl. We started scrapping. All I could hear was student's yelling, FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Then all of a sudden Officer Manly quickly burst through the crowd and elbowed me in the face while she was bull dosing. I felt angry and sad at the same time. My nose had never stung like this before in my life. Blood started flowing out of my nose like Niagra Falls. Officer Manly didn't even check if I was alright she just payed me no attention. That is why I thought she did it on purpose.

3/22/2011 02:57:45

The two boys were walking side my side when one of them acceidentally step in front of him and tripped him. The boy stood up and said, "Hey stupid what was that for?". The other guy looked a him and said "shut up fatty" and then he slugged him in the chest. Thats when they were both fighting and officer blueberry came up and tried to push them apart and stop it.When acciedentally he smacked him on the nose. It immedaietly started to gush out blood and wouldn't stop so we called the EMS and they came and got him. When the EMS people were about to shut the doors he told them to wait and cursed and gave both officer blueberry and the other guy the finger.

3/22/2011 02:58:45

This is what really happened;These 2 kids started fighting over a pen. As I went over to stop this uncalled for fight I was struck with a really painful blow. After I walked away for a moment to recover my self I went back to try again at that time he went for another blow,and as I tried to catch the blow I happened to hit the kid in the nose with my elbow.As we broke up this fight the principle came to me and told me that the kid that I accidently elbowed in the nose was taking a law suit out against me. So as I arrived at court the judge told me that I was being charged with aquitted of assault charges . As I proved my case the judge found me not guilty.

AM <3
3/22/2011 02:59:29

This is how it all happen mmmmhmmm yea so i was in a big mess(fight). I was fighting this Girl because She and her home girls was trying to jump my bestfriend. I was fighting so a officer came up tryed to break the fight up and he elbow me in the nose ouch i scream. People still yelling FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT my nose bleeding im mad because that officer hit me because he was mad he should of never came over trying to break a fight up knowing we was fighting over here so he hit me in the nose now im going to press charges. Im still fighting the girls with my bloody nose because that was just wrong for them to try to jump my bestie naw we dont get down like that.

3/22/2011 02:59:36

The cop, Officer Dingleberry, came running in and ran to McLoving and tried to get him off of Bufu. Of course, Officer Dingleberry says he did not do anything. EVERYBODY wants to prove his/her innocence. This is what REALLY happened. When Officer Dinleberry couldn't take McLoving off of Bufu, he just went to McLoving and punched him dead in the face! This Officer Dingleberry here, "Mr I'm a man of the law", shows clearly how he should be punished for his crime! Hitting a student! Ok, that is all there needs to be said your honor.

3/22/2011 03:00:42

Right after she hit me, in the eye I felt someone pushed me out the way. I fell back and was sitting on the ground. Right after the fight, I heard other children around me screaming "hit him" just one more time for cheating on you. When the cops got their officer Bob put me in hand cuffs and told me to stay exactly where I was. Then he told me to stand up and tell me him what’s going on and he got mad at my story and said just keep going because I know that you are lying and you will get nowhere in life so, officer Bob just hit me in the nose and I heard it brake.

3/22/2011 03:00:58

Last,Friday a student got into a fight at Central High and I was called in to go see what happened, and to stop the abusive fight. When I arrived at the scene, I saw two boys fighting over a undecided dispute.I ran to the parking lot to break up the fight, and I shot my handgun twice into the air. I was pushed forward into the crowd. I turned around ,and the palm of my hand thrust upward toward the crowd and I accidentaly broke someone's nose but I but I didn't know it was the guy involved from the fight.OOPSZ!

3/22/2011 03:02:04

My best friend and I there getting out of school heading to the bus ready to go home.Untill we both heared yelling screaming and cruzing untill the whole school came down like a bunch of animals into the bus lot and suddenly one of the guys swung his fist in his face giving him a strong punch in the face then other and other punch then the guys could hardly take it anymore untill he go up and swung to.but he swung with anger but the fight got stronger and strong everytime they punch eachother and slam eachother people recording everything untill police came and stop the fight.They slipt them apart but the couldnt they were still after eachother like fighting bulldogs untill one police punch a student and everybody stop and you can see the blood running down the student face.So thats what happen


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