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Mrs. K
2/1/2012 06:37:54 am

Being a female of high status doesn't sound too bad. Based on the idea that "adoring a lady would make a knight braver and nobler" (page 100), I think I could handle being adored by knights in shining armor. I also like the idea that if they go too fresh, I could knock them over and leave them stranded like "an upside-down turtle" (page 99). On the other hand, being a peasant woman sounds less than ideal. A "ceaseless round of childbearing, housework, and hard fieldwork" (page 100) would be awful, kind of like a ceaseless round of housework, yard work, commuting, planning, teaching, grading, and disciplining. Wait! Perhaps being a Medieval peasant woman isn't as bad as I thought. Of course, I would have to deal with having no say in my life, no equality in my marriage, and no power in politics. I'll stick with the twenty-first century.

2/2/2012 03:14:07 am

i would want to be a god.because by me being a god i would be in control.the position i would not want to be in is the pesents because they held no power.i feel that if i was in that perdicument i would most likely pick the gods over pesents.

Maya ward (the great one) :)
2/2/2012 04:09:39 am

I would love to be a lady. Besides caring for the children, the medieval lady also had many other duties. Ladies also generally were in charge of the castle's kitchen and meals. She oversaw the cooks and often kept accounts and made menus for it. She was in charge of entertaining guests that arrived at the castle. Additionally, she was often put in charge of the castle in the lord's absence. I wouldn;t want to be a servant because they wern't allowed to leave the land in which they worked.Medieval Serfs were peasants who worked his lord's land and paid him in return for the use of land, the possession of which was heritable. The were paid usually in the form of labor on the lord's land. A serf was one bound to work on the land.

2/2/2012 04:17:23 am

The Gods of this time were the highest out of all the people.They ruled the kingdom. The lowest of the people were the serfs. They worked for the higher ranks. I would choose the middle class rank because their would be not a lot of work to do. Therefor I wouldn't have to worry about ruling the kingdom or working for the higher ranks like the Gods. The ladies of this ranks would be honored with respect by the knights.

Ana Guerrero
2/2/2012 04:18:26 am

I would have enjoyed being a lady( Imagen a knight being super romantic to me) or a Queen . They do not need to worry about cleaning or anything else, that is why they have servants. However I would not have enjoyed being a peasant woman their lives were ceaseless around children, housework and hard field (pg.100). They also did not have any political standing because the system during that time was not fair in my opinion. Well I guess being a woman in the medieval era is not as good or as bad as it seems. But the thought that I can't speak up against injustice or being politically active it's kind of overbearing. Now I'm grateful for being born in the twenty-first century, in this century any women can speak up and it wouldn't matter because people are used to that. Also everyone is equal in this century, I guess I would have like living in the medieval times only and "if only" it was a fairy tale life.In my opinion I'm gonna stay here in this century because it's more safer then any other century.

2/2/2012 04:30:23 am

I think I would prefer to be a King because I'd want to be in a position of power. I would be able to control things, as well as the people under me. It'd be fun to be treated as royalty. I'd never want to be a surf or peasant. I wouldn't want to have to serve someone or feel below someone. Even though i would be free, I wouldn't feel as if I really because of the conditions. And being poor isn't a great thing either.


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