Life could be pretty rough during the Medieval Period in England. In order to help you relate to the literature being written during that time, respond to this prompt in 8 to 15 sentences:
What social role would you have enjoyed? Would role would you have definitely NOT enjoyed? Why? Use specific factual details from the background reading you completed on Wednesday to support your ideas. An example comment is provided.
Mrs. K
2/1/2012 06:43:22 am

Being a female of high status doesn't sound too bad. Based on the idea that "adoring a lady would make a knight braver and nobler" (page 100), I think I could handle being adored by knights in shining armor. I also like the idea that if they get too fresh, I could knock them over and leave them stranded like "an upside-down turtle" (page 99). On the other hand, being a peasant woman sounds less than ideal. A "ceaseless round of childbearing, housework, and hard fieldwork" (page 100) would be awful, kind of like a ceaseless round of housework, yard work, commuting, planning, teaching, grading, and disciplining. Wait! Perhaps being a Medieval peasant woman isn't as bad as I thought. Of course, I would have to deal with having no say in my life, no equality in my marriage, and no power in politics. I'll stick with the twenty-first century.

2/2/2012 03:26:09 am

If I had to choose a class of the medieval period, I would choose being a knight as the most ideal. I just feel like being dubbed and "becoming a man with the title "Sir" and the full rights of a warrior caste" pg.100 would be a nice fit for me. The only problem I would have with being a knight is the courtly love. I just could not see myself participating in a "nonsexual" form of love. I would hate to be a serf. I would feel so restricted because a serf "was not free to leave the land they tilled". I am too much a an oppositionary? person.

Wai Oo
2/2/2012 03:42:29 am

If I were to live during the Middle Ages, I would want to be a Lady of the middle class. (pg. 100) Women of middle or high class has more freedom. I would want to be able to live in a luxurious house and have a beautiful garden. I wouldn't have to work that much and have servants to do the dirty work for me. Also, I would be able to have control over the household if my husband was gone. I would also be able to have Knights in shining armor protecting me. The Knights may also be my admirer and not there wouldn't be anything wrong with it for it is Chivalry love. Compared to a Queen and a peasent, a middle class lady wouldn't have as much responsiblities or hardship.

mohsin khan
2/2/2012 03:59:45 am

If i was in the middle age. I would be a knight because when your young, you get training to become a warrior.(Pg.99) The knights were the most important people of the middle age.With out the knights there would be no kingdom or anything. They were needed at that period of time. I always wanted to become a worrior and help protect my king. The king would be one that i dont want to be because all they do is sit there and give orders to do things and not do it there selfs.

2/2/2012 04:17:58 am

I would want to be a king because i want to be ruler over everything.I would wan to run a feudalism system(page97).A king as powerful as William(page97) the bossiness in me would really come out because, I feel like nobody couldn't tell me anything because I am all that so being the ruler will really take it up a notch and even better.My knights would be the people to protect me just like secret service whenever I make a visit to another land they go also, my women would have a voice with a choice because, women are excellent decision makers and actually will get paid to work.

2/2/2012 04:18:09 am

If I lived during the medevial times i would choose to be a lord. They are noble people who had the power to to grant land to vassals(page 97). I like having power in my hands but too much power can also be too much responsibility. I hate how women in Medieval society had no political rights in a system that was primarly military (page 100). Women were inferior to men and I would not be happy knowing that there are certain things I'm not allowed to do. They were used while the men were gone but when they came back they had to give up their "temporary powers." I'm better off having power then being inferior to anyone. Also, lords and kings are rich and have a lot of control over people which makes them more powerful. I would love to be a lord but I would rather stay middle-class.

2/2/2012 04:24:09 am

The highest of all the people were the Gods during this town . The highest ranks would have to take the responsibilty of ruling the kingdom. The lowest in rank was the serfs.The serfs would do work for the higher ranks. I wouldn't mind being in the middle class ranking. I wouldn't have to do alot of the work and I would be admired by the knights

2/2/2012 04:26:08 am

Having everything you wish for would be great. Being a queen and having "the divine right" pg 97. Living the high life and having pretty clothes. Doing nothing but doing the "household supervision" sounds like the perfect job. Then again you would be overruled by the king, so overall i dont think i would like to be queen. An alternative would be a peasant woman. The kind of living doesn't sound the worst but nothing someone couldn't handle. A peasant woman would go through "hard fieldwork" in order to feed and sustain her family. A task everyone would do to put food on the table. Overall niether of them sound bad although one may have more luxiries than others.

2/2/2012 04:29:02 am

I would want to be a queen. I mean what girl wouldn't want to be ruler of a country? Any woman with great power is always looked up to. And back then women weren't typically people of power so it would have been honorary. I wouldn't have as much power as my husband but I wouldn't mind being married to the strongest man in in the nation. I wouldn't to be a knight though. I can't imagine myself fighting. I would think that the armor would be extremely heavy too, and I'm a weakling.

Kirsten Tucker
2/2/2012 04:31:13 am

I personaly would like to be a KING. To me king's are very powerful and rule over the queen and her rules/ orders. Kings tend to show no emotion when giving the order to kill someone, b-headed. Kings have a a kingdom to rule and make people within the kingdom happy. I think i could be able to make my people happy and please everyone. One thing i wouldnt want to be is a poor servant.
I don't take orders from anyone. And i would hate to be someone that doesnt ever get a simple thank you for the things i do.

Mrs. K
2/2/2012 04:38:11 am

Why is it taking so long to get the blog posts done????

2/2/2012 04:48:05 am

If I were to choose what I wanted to be during the middle ages. I would like to be a high or middle class women. The reason because, unlike a peasant woman who's "life was a ceaseless round of child bearing, housework, and hard fieldwork". A higher class woman would only be occupied with childbearing and household supervision. Also unlike queens they have temporary powers when the men would be gone for business or at war. This I would be okay with because I do not like too much power. It comes with too much responsibility and it could be stressful.


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