What physical and mental traits did you inherit from your ancestors? Which ones do you wish you had inherited? Which ones do you wish you had NOT inherited? Which of your traits do you hope you pass down to your children?
Today you will apply what you have learned about point of view. Using the link below, view the 25 images on the Yahoo site. Read the caption for each. Choose ONE IMAGE and write seven to ten sentences in FIRST PERSON point of view from the perspective of either a person in the picture or the photographer who captured the image. Consider what that person would have been feeling, fearing, hearing, wondering, remembering, and hoping for. Proofread carefully, have a peer proofread, and then submit. You may want to type your comment in Word and drop it in to the Comments section.

Yahoo images
Based on the web sites provided for today's lesson, write seven to ten sentences responding to what you read. Consider giving your opinion about something you read. Use at least two types of sentences (simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex) and make sure THREE people proofread your work for GRAMMATICAL PERFECTION before you post. You may want to work in Word and then copy/paste.