Today you will apply what you have learned about point of view. Using the link below, view the 25 images on the Yahoo site. Read the caption for each. Choose ONE IMAGE and write seven to ten sentences in FIRST PERSON point of view from the perspective of either a person in the picture or the photographer who captured the image. Consider what that person would have been feeling, fearing, hearing, wondering, remembering, and hoping for. Proofread carefully, have a peer proofread, and then submit. You may want to type your comment in Word and drop it in to the Comments section.

Yahoo images
Mrs. K
9/11/2012 05:24:23 am

(Image: woman in suit covered in white substance) I am so thankful to have escaped from the North Tower after the building shook so violently. I don't even know what shook it. What is that rumbling? The South Tower is falling! There is a white cloud rushing toward me. I cannot breathe. I need water to wash my eyes. I cannot see.


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