Based on the web sites provided for today's lesson, write seven to ten sentences responding to what you read. Consider giving your opinion about something you read. Use at least two types of sentences (simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex) and make sure THREE people proofread your work for GRAMMATICAL PERFECTION before you post. You may want to work in Word and then copy/paste.
8/10/2012 04:45:58 am

I think it's really important about going green.It's important because someday if we dont recycle our earth is going to be a big land fill. We need to start recycleing more so we dont have that problem.It's not hard. All you need to do is put glass, paper, and plastic in the green trash can.If we don't recycle there is going to be carbon everywhere. We won't be able to breath. Our food will taste like trash and other stuff. If you recycle you can reuse and reduce clutter.

8/10/2012 04:46:17 am

So far what I read about is true and kind of interesting. Everyone needs to play their part in “going green”. That is the only way it will ever work. A lot of things can be done to go green like sending email messages instead of sending a letter, picking up any trash you see and a lot more. you should you less gas and walk. People need to be more careful about what they do. I think that more and more people “go green every year.

Jacquelyn Spivey
8/10/2012 04:56:24 am

All arond the world we see people throwing waistes everywhere. When you turn the corner you see a piece of trash laying around. I think it is very important that you recycle, because all the waiste that is cluttered up around us. Pretty soon we are going to die because of everyone throwing their trash on the ground.

8/10/2012 04:57:57 am

The articles I read inofrmed me about doing simple things to keep our Earth a healthy and clean place.
Using the footprint calculator I was able to see how i've been affecting the world. By simply not changing my lightbulbs.
I now know the affects of not going green and I can make simple changes to make the world a better place.

8/10/2012 05:07:18 am

I read that it is important to help the enviriment. I think that people need to help the enviroment because if we dont it will become unliveable and well I dont think anybody will want that to happen, and that is what I think and read.

Anam Kashmala
8/10/2012 05:10:58 am

Everyone needs to go green. A lot of people do not recycle these days such as in the apartment complexs. They trash everything instead of taking their time to recycle. People need to be more careful of the things they do to our environment. We pollute the air a lot by driving everywhere. We should sometimes walk to nearby places to save gas and money. These websites are useful for anyone.

Sabrina Guevara
8/10/2012 07:25:12 am

I think this go green thing needs to start and never end if we want are earth to be here for a long time. More people are starting to recycle more, but all those harmful gases coming out of cars and factory's. There are some people out there that don't really care about going green, but if we come together and pick up trash we see and reduce the amount of water gas we use we can make difference.

Lexus Bell<3(:
8/13/2012 07:00:44 am

I think it’s good to go green because it will help out the world and make the environment clean. People should start buying recycling binds so they can throw away garbage cans, plastic, and ashes, that way none of that would be in a regular trash can. It will be in the recycle bin. What I read in the article was good information, I think a lot of people should go on there to learn how to recycle and make the world a better place to live in. Away to make sure people start participating in “Going Green” is to put it on the news, make flyers, email it to a lot of people and we all can make a difference.

Javon bullard
8/13/2012 08:53:33 pm

I think that people should go green because it would help out our lakes and pounds , because when you go to a lake or pound you see trash in it and that is hurting the animals in the water. The way it is hurting the animals is it could be mistaken as food and the eat or they could get stuck in the trash and the suffocate.

10/5/2012 04:41:09 am

the gases in the air have contibuted to a rising in the tempeture of the earth. greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. i also think people should go green to save the earth. way to go green are by recycling and lowering your carbon footprint. other ways to go green are by driving energy effecient cars.


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