What physical and mental traits did you inherit from your ancestors? Which ones do you wish you had inherited? Which ones do you wish you had NOT inherited? Which of your traits do you hope you pass down to your children?
10/19/2012 04:36:55 am

I have not inherited much from anyone I know but I have inherited my feet from my dad. I have also inherited my temper from my uncle. Those are the only things that I have inherited from my family. I wish I had my dad`s hair because it grows back really fast. I really like how I got my feet and temper from my dad and uncle and I hope they pass on to my children.

10/19/2012 05:15:53 am

I don’t believe I have inherited many physical features from my ancestors. I have inherited many good mental traits such as a calm temper I believe I received that from my father. I would like my children to inherit that trait. I want them to be able to remove themselves from certain situations and have self-control. I don’t want them to sweat the small stuff.
I’d like to have my mother’s personality she can get along with anyone. She is very friendly and she’s always happy as well as and in a good mood

lakeisha miller
10/19/2012 05:21:36 am

i have inheritance probably all my triats from my mom and the stuff i want to inherited my redish brown hair to my kids. :)

Faheem Parvez
10/19/2012 05:24:52 am

I have inherited a couple of things from my parents. One being that I got my moms temper. If someone says something really stupid in front of me I will make an unnecessary comment. I have my dad’s height; he’s 5’11 and I’m 6 foot. I don’t know my relatives that well because they live in Pakistan and I haven’t really seen them. i want my temper to be passed to my kids.

10/19/2012 05:38:56 am

I inhertated my feet from my mother & my temper from my grandather wallace (: my height comes from my momma ...


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