Your comment today will be about Chapter 3, in which Elie and Chlomo Wiesel are indoctrinated into camp life at Auschwitz.When you get to page 46, stop and respond in writing to what you have read. As a form of review, use at least two of the following words in your response: lose, loose, their, there, and they're. Watch your sentence structure, usage, and mechanics. Don't worry about strict support and elaboration, but do use specific details from the chapter.

Mrs. K
10/22/2010 02:33:23

I am struck by these sentences on page 42: "I became A-7713. From then on, I had no other name." These lines reinforce to me the fact that the Nazis did not see these men and women as humans, only entities, objects to be categorized, sorted, and tattooed.

Danny orsnop
10/22/2010 02:36:56

I think that elie was scaried when he got to camp Auschwitz. This was because elie thought that he was going to be seperated from his father but he wasent. These lines showed me that the boy really loved his father and did not want to ever lose him.

Danny Worsnop
10/22/2010 02:39:39

I think that Elie was scaried when he got to camp Auschwitz. This was because Elie thought that he was going to be seperated from his father but he was'nt. These lines showed me that the Elie really loved his father and did not want to ever lose him.

10/22/2010 02:40:50

In this chapter there was a lot of events that happend. I am only going to tell you about one that i found shocking. In the beginning when they arrived they were told from the SS to seperate. "Men to the left! Women to the right." Elie didn't imagine he would loose his mother and sisters, he thought he would see them again.

10/22/2010 02:42:32

They were all treated like dirt. Their hair had to be shaved of every part of their body. They took their clothes from them. Their bodies was all loose and also cold. The narrator said he was ready to die, because they were getting beat in there.

Danny Worsnop
10/22/2010 02:45:19

I am commeting on Mrs.K commet because i think that the only reason that Elie was now known as A-7713 was because the ss officers were too lazy to call the jews by their real name.

10/22/2010 02:48:06

The part I read and I liked was when Elie and his father were leaving their family to go to a camp.The mother and the sister(Tzipora)was sad and crying.They lost the most important man in their life.

10/22/2010 02:53:34

There was an S.S. officer, and he had a machine gun "trained or pointed" right at the people out side of the wagon. The German solddier demanded that the men were to go to the left of the wagon and the women were to shift to the right of the wagon. The German soldiers were forcing the other people that stayed back to start walking forwards. An old man fell to the ground. There nearby, an S.S. man replaced his revovler into his holster. A Jew had a clinched or tightened grip of his father. He did everything he could to not lose his grip of his father's hand. I thing that the little jew shouldn't of lied to the SS officers about his age. It makes me feel that the Nazis didn't believe the innocent jew about his own age. The person shouldn't of called the little kid a moron or even threaten the kid about tearing him to pieces. And I qoute "You should have hanged yourselves rather than come here." If I was the petrified Jew that was about to get killed, I would've ran until I was found dead were I stood lying.

10/22/2010 03:00:31

I stop at page 31.
The part I am going to talk about is when they were seperated, The men and the women and when the father and son was walking away an old man was behind them and ask them how old they were, and the old man said to tell them that they are eighteen and forty, Than the man disappeared into the darkness. Somebody had ask them why have they come here and somebody had reply and said we came here of our own free will and the man said "shut up, you moron" you can here because they were going to get burned and turn to ashes.

10/22/2010 03:03:37

When they got to the camp.The jews had to get out out.Ellie and his dad was going through the camp and they were hopeing they wouldent get broken up.They were terrified when the saw the flames and scensed the smell od humans being burned.It had to be crucial to see little babes getting thrown into the fire.Elie tightened his dad hand when the Nazis asked questions.

K =)
10/22/2010 03:05:10

When the Jews got to the camp the Nazis started immediately stared working. Once they got there the Nazis separated the boys from the girls. Family's members, frinds, little brothers and sisters, love once and people you known got separated. When they got separated they had to go to straght to the chimmy chamber and wait in line to see who was going to live or who was going to die. When Elie and Chlomo where together again they saw somthing horreneous. They saw little baby's and children bring thrown into flams.

Young Blood
10/22/2010 03:08:31

Chapter 3 was about how Elie and Chlomo Wiesel are indoctrinated into camp life at Auschwitz and how they had to work for food if they don't work they don't eat. When it came tihe to eat elie he was so hungry but he did not eat the food so his dad ate his portion of the food. On page 30 in chapter 3 a man ask hey kid how old are you and elie said I'm fifthteen. The man said no your eighteenbut elie said I'm fifthteen but the man said your seventeen. Then his father said I'm fifty if you are fifty you would die so the man told his dad no! you are forty do you hear me you are forty and you are eighteen. Then the man that was talking to elie and his father disappear into the darkness. Then a SS officier told elie what's your age elie told him he was eighteen and the ss offcier said you look in good health and elie said yes. Then the SS officiers made a search for the strongest man they colud find then there was a man name stein elie father did not recognixed him. Elie recognized him because he went ove there house for dinner so elie told them that he had not recieve no letters from stein but he lied elie did not want them to see the letters that stein sent vin the mail. Stein was weaping for joy when he saw elie and his father for the first time elie and his father remain in AUSCHITZ for three weeks in those three weeks they slept a lot in the afternoon and at night. One thing you want to avoid is transport to stay in AUSCHTITZ as long as possible stein was elie relative and when he would come to visit elie ho would bring portion of bread so they would not go hungry. Every time stien would come tears would roll down his cold and icy cheeks he would give elie father some good advice please take care of your son he looks weak very dehydrated take care of yourselves one thing ask and tell you is that you must avoid selection then they was hoping to see stein when he come back but he never came back to see him they did nopt se him no more after they talk to him. Then elie was wondering where his mom was so his dad said your mother was in Tzipora elie mother was still a young women but in tzipora she must be in a lebor camp your mother is a big girl now she must be in a camp elie father said. Elie really di not believe his dad elie wish that was true he wish hecouls believe what his father said but elie would pretend that his mom was in tzipora but either him or his family still had to believe that his mother was in tzipora. At ten o'clock elie and his family got some bread then elie and the rest of them started to walk slowly the ss officiers were not and a hurry to go. Then elie meet a girl the guards would touch and kiss her and she would just laugh and kiss her the ss officiers will pass loves note to the girl. Then elie arrive at another camp called buna the iron gate closed behind them.

10/22/2010 03:13:06

Separation is pain and furstution, when their love ones were being taken away from their sight. Jews went through the possibltly of never seeing them again.
Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the mintue left of separation.

10/19/2013 05:26:22

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