In a well-written, error-free paragraph, explain whether or not you believe in fate (i.e., destiny, predetermination).  Be careful about sentence variety, verb tense, apostrophes, commas, and agreement.
Mrs. K
11/28/2011 16:44:40

I believe in a combination of free will and fate. I believe that God has planned some things for my life but that I can "walk away" from those plans. I am in control of some things, like my choice of occupation, my choice of car, and even the way I cut my hair; however, I don't think I can decide when I will die, and I certainly can't choose the children I will raise! On second thought, maybe I can through adoption.

Maranda Patton
11/28/2011 16:49:09

I do believe in fate. Fate to me is when something is destined to be, or is meant to happen. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Is that not destiny? There is a reason for everything that will and has happened. Destiny is what is meant to be, is that not a reason?

- AK <3
11/28/2011 16:50:34

I believe that fate is already set in my life and that what Allah has said about me will happen and nothing can change that. I can predict what will probably happen but I dont know for sure. So for example I dont know when or how i'm going to die but I cant stop death from happening because it was in my fate. It was meant to happen. So therefore I believe that what Allah has written in my life that it will happen and even I cant stop it from happening.

Adriana Chavez.. <3
11/28/2011 16:50:42

I do believe in fate, because I believe that if something happens it's because it was made to occur. At times I don't believe in fate, because you can always try to stop something from happening. Fate will happen to everyone at one point, but you can always try something from to keep it from happening but it will happen anyways. Fate is something that I think no matter how much you try you can't stop it for example, I don't think I can decide when or how I am going to die that is something that only GOD knows and he knows your fate. :)

P. Conrad
11/28/2011 16:51:09

I believe in fate, but I dont believe that fate can have all control of your future. That's your decsion! You control your on life. I believe that fate is possible in some situtaions like meeting people.I'm kind of in the middle of beleieving in fate and not beleieving it.

Ana V.
11/28/2011 16:51:21

I do belive in faith but then at the sametime I don't. I do belive in faith because GOD has a plan for everyone,and you may not have a choice; but then I don't believe in faith because you can always decide what you're going to do, so I do but then I don't.

fhm prvz
11/28/2011 16:52:23

I believe in fate but, I also believe in freewill too. I believe in freewill because you can do whatever you want if your mind is set on it. I also believe in fate because there are something’s that you cannot change at all.

Sabrina :DDD
11/28/2011 16:52:27

I belive in fate. Fate is like destiny,the people you meet is fate. You can control your life, but either way you dont know what will happen in the future.

11/28/2011 16:52:31

I do believe in fate, because I feel that it's all up to fate and your actions. I think that we do what we do, because it was written in our destiny what we were going to do. I think if it were up to us we would all have perfect lives or horrible lives, but we all do what we have to and it's not up to us on how were goin to die or live it's up to Allah.

iBell ;p
11/28/2011 16:52:55

I believe in fate because I woke up this morning;it was planned for me to wake up.Getting to school without getting into an accident or hurt was also fate.

L>M <3
11/28/2011 16:53:04

To be Honest I do not believe in fate because I have never seen it happen or yet but on the other hand I do believe in it because it's like for two people who lets say hated one another and then the start talking and end marring each other than I will call that fate or just luck.

11/28/2011 20:25:50

I believe in both fate and free will. I think life has a combination of both. Free will is more like the choices we make. We can either make the right or wrong choices. Then there is fate. Fate is believing that something happened for a reason. I have had belief of fate many times before. I have thought that it was fate to be with the person I'm with today. I have thought that it was fate that I didn't die when I could have. Free will is more of the choices that I make. I have free will to get up and come to school everyday. I have free will to do the right things and stay out of trouble. Fate and free will both exist.

11/28/2011 20:26:33

Yes, I believe in fate because what happens in the future is something you can’t plan. Fate is something that just happens; you can’t stop or control it. No one knows what is going to happen in the future, it’s just something that happens on it’s on. For example: the people you meet, the job you will have, how many kids you will have, or where you will live. Life just takes its own course, but you can make decisions.

Andrew VV
11/28/2011 20:31:02

I believe in fate. I think that what happens in the universe is predetermined. Even though a human being can alter their own fate through free will what has been predetermined will eventually occur. For example: the world will eventually end; it could end through global warming, but if we as human beings stopped polluting, thus using free will, it would end another way.

Jackie <3 I love Justin Bieber
11/28/2011 20:31:40

I do believe in fate. Fate is when something is destined to be. Romeo and Juliet were destined to be with each other. I always was told that when something happens to you it happens for a reason. Romeo and Juliet attomatically thought that when they saw each other they were destined to be with one another.

11/28/2011 20:36:15

I believe in both,free will and fate. I believe that God has planed some things for me.He has also given me the opprtunity to choose other things. I can't decide when I will die. I didn't decide who my parents are. I did; however, decide what clothes I was going to wear today. I believe that there is fate and there is also free will. Romeo and Juliet decided to
marry that was free will. They didn't decide when they where going to die that was fate.

Fernando Jimenez :D
11/28/2011 20:36:44

I believe in destiny. I think that everyone is in this world for a reason. We are here to change someone's life, to make an impact on the world, or just to make a difference. In Romeo and Juliet they are both destined to die at the end to end their families' conflicts. Destiny is something that can be changed. Your actions and choices mold your future. We may face challenges in our life but just remember that there is always something good at the end.

11/28/2011 20:38:06

I don't know what I believe in.I do know that free will is sometime negative or positive.When we start doing bad stuff then we will end up somewhere bad in the future.Faith is really not that complicating because when you are in love with someone or when you are with someone then you start believing in faith.I want to write something else which is I'm bored.

11/28/2011 20:38:23

Fate is something I have mixed feelings about. Meanwhile, free will is something that I support fully. I believe fate is just luck with another name. I am in controll of my actions. Like when I moved from California to North Carolina, I had met more friends than I had there. But it was my choice of actions to not be shy but out going. Also in Romeo and Juliet, it was fate that they had met, but free will they fell in love.


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