For today's warm-up to the rising action in Night, comment on the photograph displayed on the SmartBoard. Today, let's take it up a notch and comment using a topic sentence, a concrete detail in which you refer to a detail in the photo, and a sentence or two of elaboration.

Here are some topic sentence templates:
The Nazi extermination of the Jews was ________.
This photograph illustrates the __________ of the Holocaust. 
10/15/2010 02:36:58 am

The Nazi extermination of the jews was violence.
The reason i think it was violence because when you look at this picture you can not see the ashes you can see the water. Like it was raining for a few days so water came into one big puddle and the ashes came from the dead bodies.That the nazi killed the nazi killed many people they did not care who they killed. When hitler told them to kill you they would pull they gun out and shot you in the head. When they got finish with kiling you they would put your body in the oven and when they would put your body in the oven it will be raining ashes. The ashes will fill up the whole then it would rain so the water can be on top.

10/15/2010 02:56:09 am

The Nazi extermination of the Jews was a disgrace for human nature and human kind. The picture looks like it is in a muddy swampy land.
This picture illustrates how unforgiving the Nazi's were. This detail shows that Nazi's didn't really care about anything that happened to the non-willing jews

10/15/2010 02:56:32 am

The Nazi extermination of the Jews was crucial. They killed so many people that this pond over flows in ashes, and has a lonley feel around the pond, and shows that the Nazi sould be disgraced. This picture is very sad, because it has millions of good lives in the pond that they got put to death for no reason.

10/15/2010 02:56:43 am

This photograph illustrates the horror of the holocuast, because they take people and gas their bodys. They burn them into ashes and than put them in a pond.This shows that they don't care about other people feel.

10/15/2010 02:59:32 am

I think that the extermination of the Jews, was very tragic and crule.I also beleive the Jews, were burned alive and their ashes were dumped in a pond so no one can find them. The Jews,died because of their race or apperance and I find that as an unnecessary way to sovle conflict.

10/15/2010 03:00:37 am

The Nazi extermination of the Jews was an abuse, this photograph illustrates the Holocaust. It looks as if it was full of sadness.I think it looks sad because it was a dark day. The plants look dead, and the area looks lonley; but its only just a pond that contains people's ashes. The Holocaust mistreated the jews for a bad purpose.

10/15/2010 03:34:21 am

The Nazi extermination of the Jews was wrong. This photograph shows that the nazi were burning the jews remains after they had killed them. I think that this is just wrong and cruel.= n[

10/18/2010 06:46:11 am

The Nazi extermination of the jews was definitely a mistake & a upseting abuse that disgraced all man kind. The mistake of killing all those innocent jews & burning them alive & pouring them into a lake that was probably full of people they once loved,it was one of the most upseting things that anyone could go through. If anyone disgraces all human kind by killing each other because they think their better. It makes everyone in this world a shame and know how the world is so unfair & cruel.


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