Write a short response to this excerpt from page 68 of Chapter 5: "I was no longer able to lament. On the contrary, I felt very strong. I was the accuser, God the accused. My eyes had opened and I was alone, terribly alone in a world without God, without man. Without love or mercy."
11/1/2010 02:49:39 am

TAB <3
11/1/2010 02:57:50 am

I guess he is trying to say that he blames God for every thing that is going on. He thinks that he should not have let all those innocent people die for no reason. He says that people worship him but he never helped them out.

11/1/2010 03:02:04 am

In my mind I beleive that if you really want to lament about something it should be about something you really care for. If you are going to say things like the man did, you should say them with respectrather than insult. If god is reading this blog I want him to beleive that I feel his pain for being insulted by that awful, ridiculous man.

Jonathan Burke
11/1/2010 03:02:19 am

This shows that Elie stopped believeing in god. This was because god wasen't helping the jews out.

Young Blood
11/1/2010 03:04:11 am

Elie was still having trouble believe in god he does not know that god is real and all this that the jews are going throught is for a reason. Elie is still trying to called himself that he is the prisoner and god is the judge who is telling what going to happen to elie. The book night you may read about some lament it will not be that much for elie. Only vtime you will read about elie doing lament is when his father died but you will not see the jews lament. You may read about a little lament but when you keep reading in the book. You will harly read about lament if i was elie i would not get mad atgod because your are in the camp and eveytime you see you will see a died body. If I was elie i woudl get mad at the Nazi for doing all the wroung to the jews. If i was elie i would not lose my faith and i will still trust god becuase i know there a better way out after i come from this camp. When or if i every leave this I would worship god and tell him thank you for letting me live another day. If you called god the accuser then you are amking god and I know that elie wanted to save some people he did not even know he would like to save them so they could not die. Even thought elie lost faith in god if you keep reading the book you will find out that elie is started to trust god.

11/1/2010 03:04:16 am

It's sad when someone laments when something happens.It is very wrong to say that against god.

11/1/2010 03:07:06 am

Elie lost faith in god. I think it's wrong for him to think he is strong without God. I don't understand why you would give up on something you wanted to learn so much about. Maybe Judaism was too advance for him and he didn't understand clearly, so that's why he gave up on his belief.

11/1/2010 03:09:19 am

It seems to me that the writter is quoting a persons feelings towards God.
The person who feels this way about God, may beleive that God, does not care about them or that God, has quit on them.

11/1/2010 03:13:10 am

He feels like he is cut off from God. God failed him by letting people die without dignity.

kiki =)
11/1/2010 03:13:55 am

The reason that God did all this was because he had a plain after the situation. Elie thought God was no longer there with him because just maybe God was putting him to the test and see if he will lose his faith on him. By losing faith over God is not going to help the situation he is in. I don't think he should have done that because God is the only resource he has and is the reason why the Nazis have not defeated Elie.

11/1/2010 03:14:25 am

As faith in him lost hope. He had the understanding and conscience that god was the blame for it. Noone in this cruel and judging world should never blame our powerful and only god for how this world has become. Because of the fact that he died for us and got beating and crucified. God has a lesson and always something to learn from others inculding the earth he made.


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