The picture projected on the SmartBoard is of a cattle car used to transport Jews to a death camp. The picture below is of the more common closed cattle car. Write three sentences in reaction to the images (topic sentence, concrete detail from the image, and elaboration).

10/18/2010 09:25

Jeremy McKinnon
10/18/2010 09:31

The cattle cars was a cruel method. I think this because eveybody was standing up. Also people had no room to move around and they couldn't go to the bathroom.

10/18/2010 09:32

This photo shows me how the Germans did not care about anybody. If you can put 80 people in one cart and travel for 4 to 5 days, you really don't care about any body. The jews was treated like bulls and cows.

10/18/2010 09:34

In this picture I see pain. I see the people suffering while they are trapped in there. I see there is berely any space. They look impatient and sad because they are trapped.

10/18/2010 09:41

its a small trapping, nonspace feeling air breathing, bad smelling, suffering, fustruating place that noones wish to be in. knowing your traped just beacause of your race & your non alike features with pretty blue eyes& light blonde hair.agh people are crazy these days.

10/18/2010 09:41

I think that the Jews, were taken to the camps to be killed because of their religions. The Jews were packed into small cattle cars with 80 people to a car. They were beening treated like animales.

10/18/2010 09:42

The use of the Natzie cattle carts were very wrong and sad.many people died and cought diseases.Familes got put on there for no reason.

10/18/2010 09:45

The people on the cattle is being traumatized. They are being forced to go somewhere that they don't know.they look like they uncomfortable because they have to stand up for a long time. This detail shows that they don't care about how they hurt other people

10/18/2010 09:56

The use of cattle carts for suffering causes. The Nazi in this situation was wrong becuase they new that only 80 people will fit in that cattle, but they would sick more people in there. They would let little holes on the cattle so you can beath a little. The people in the cattle disease and die because they won't make it.

Young Blood
10/18/2010 09:57

The Holocust made the jews sufficate by putting them in cattle cars.
this picture makes me fill sad inside to see all those people trying to fit in that cattle car how can all those people fit in those cars like 30 people fit in that one car. I wonder why did they put all them people in one little cattle car? So what they did is put people together in one cattle car.
The second photo the nazi made the jews sit in those kattle cars they can only put like 20 and if it get too much people they would have to put bired wires around the cattles car so people can not escape because they were trap in that little cattle car. Some people sufficated before they got to the camp so when they arrive at the camp people will be dead and they would put those bodies in the oven.

10/18/2010 09:58

It's a small trapping,nonspace feeling,air breathing, bad smelling, suffering, fustruating place that noone wishes to be in. Just knowing your trapped just because of your race and not have the ability to change that. Being treated like creatures just because of the fact the they think blue eyes & blonde hair makes them one of a kind, bestest humans in the earth.

10/18/2010 10:02

They are treating them like animals.They are riding in a catlle car were they have cows.They are walking around were the cows used the bathroom.

D generation X!!
10/18/2010 10:03

The Nazi's were uncivilized by putting the willing and inabling jews into a small and compacted cattle car. The jews probably felt like they were being treated like a caged animal. This detail shows that the Nazi's didn't care how the innocent jews felt when they were shoved into a non-human natured facility.

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