There were two death camps near the Polish town of Auschwitz. The first picture below is of the  crematorium at Auschwitz I, the smaller of the two camps. The second image is of the much larger crematorium at Auschwitz-Birkenau, the infamous death camp. For your post today, write a paragraph making a connection between these two images and the content of Chapter 2 of Night. You must have PERFECT sentence structure, usage, and mechanics; and you must make specific references to both the chapter and the images.

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The pictures show two places where they would send Jews. These places were built to burn their bodies. It relates to the reading because Mrs. Schachter was yelling that she saw fire. Everyone in there thought she was hullucinating. They believed her when they got there, and saw the flames as well. I don't feel any emotion just by looking at the picture. It looks like a regular old place, but once I knew exactly what it was & what it was made for, it made me feel upset.

One Blood
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This picture is a picture of a death camp where they burn your body and your body turn to ashes. The first picture is a picture of the crematorium at Auschwitz I where they burn your body to ashes. You will die and get buried in your grave.

The second picture is a picture of crematorium at Auschwitz-Birkenau they burn your body by gasing you so you can not breave. You will die and get buried in your grave.
The second chapter is about this women was talking about fire but people kept saying there is no fire where i don't see any fire. So when the people seen the fire they was astonish or suprise. The beginning of chapter 2 was about rules when they could sit and when they coul eat if one or two people escape every one on the train would gety shot just because of the people who had escape. The 2 chapter talk about how they did not have enough fodd to eat so when they had got some food they would save it until they got some morfe food.

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These photos shows were the Jews was burned into ashes. When they was getting off the train they say fire, just like the old lady said. The boy said how he could smell the burning flesh in the air. They still think they're in good hands.

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Believe me if I was the Jews I wouldn't let those idiotic, disturbing, egotistical maniacs ruin thier lives by cremating them in a gas chamber. The woman that was screaming was basically saying that she was just imagining things that was in her head. The group that was in the cattle car with her thought that she was a freak for believing that there was a real patch of fire in front of her face.

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This picture is so pittiful know that so many people burned and died there.It's sad that when there in the wagon and see the flames shoot up in the clueless night.They open the doors and tell them to leave there belongings and they rush out to find there symbolings.People got shoot in the head and beatin up till the last breathe.The fire smelled like flesh.

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What I think that the book was talking about was that the lady was yelling talking about, How she see fire and she was talking about the first picture.

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I think that the Jews were sent to the crematoria's to be burned dead or alive because of their race or their looks. When the Nazzies, were done burning one of the Jews they'd take the ashes and dump them in a pond out back. The crematoria has been distroyed during World War2, but saddly for the Jews help came to late and only a few of them survived.

The Jews were stuffed into cattle cars and each person was limited to only have one bag . A person kept screeming fire fire fireevery day.

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When I look at these pictures i imagine my self being crowded with everybody with no room, hot, scared, trying to think where they are takeing us. Seeing them barbed wirs around the cattle make me wounder why? Why have them if we are going some where save. When I heard thet lady shouting "fire" "flams" I imagine everybody looking around scared trying to see where the flames and fire coming from. I can imagine little kids scared maybe even coonfused trying to fingure out when they are getting out of there. I am seeing people dieing in front of my eyes wounding why they Nazi are not doing nothing.

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The hardest thing about death is believeing its going to happen. Yet to others is a sample scare because they know its coming. Everyone that was a jew went through either one of the two feelings that were horrible and unbelieveable. Being burned up alive in a dark hole with no way out having no other choice is compeletly unfair.

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There our to buliding they send the Jews to kill.I know all the Jews was scared to death.When the Nazzies get done burning the Jews they take the ashes and dump them in a pond out back. Its the hardest thing to believe that death is really going to happen one day.


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